Why AIM?

The Academy of Individual Management (AIM) is here to guide you through this challenging time in your life and achieve the level of success you are searching for. This online learning opportunity is the foundation for everything else you will ever do or learn. AIM provides a foundation and a focus. You will be more determined, have a greater capacity for learning and have everything it takes to succeed in life. You will be more employable. There will be no more excuses! You will be accountable on your terms and ultimately enjoy the pride and pleasure that comes from success!

We understand how difficult it is to take time or apply attention to something outside of your daily routine. We also understand the importancea of having a strong personal foundation. That is why AIM is an unparalleled learning opportunity. Participants will know what they want, why and tools to be successful and happy after each short class.

Other Benefits Include

  • Thinking and communicating effectively
  • Knowing your rights and responsibilities
  • New beginnings and knowledge that you can succeed
  • Comfort of knowing what you want and how to be successful
  • Strategies to overcoming roadblocks
  • Managing time and conflicts
  • Resources to help you be successful
  • Becoming more employable
  • Having your resume stand out
  • Knowing the basics of starting a business

Agenda & Core Elements

Note: All Worksheets when completed require class participation so the following Core Elements are the same on each Worksheet: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving and Written Communication aka: (CTPSWC)

  1. Introductions
  2. Rules to Follow, Rules to Break Ethics, Customer Service
  3. Defining & Reasons Potential is Important
  4. 10 Reasons People Resist Change
  5. Roadblock & Limiting Thinking Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
  6. Negativity and Impacts Managing Conflict
  7. Worksheet: Ability To Choose (CTPSWC)
  8. Worksheet: Affect & Effect (CTPSWC), Diversity, Managing Conflict, Negotiation Skills
  9. What Potential Looks Like Individually
  10. Worksheet: Bragging (CTPSWC), Self Direction/Lifelong Learning, Diversity
  11. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  12. Time Impact on Potential Professional/Work, Critical Thinking
  13. Life Visions & Visionaries
  14. Worksheet: Visions (CTPSWC), Diversity, Creativity/Innovation, Teamwork/Collaboration
  15. Alignment & Goals
  16. Worksheet: Physical, Emotional, Beliefs & Financial (CTPSWC), Self-Direction/Lifelong Learning
  17. Worksheet: Professional (CTPSWC), Professional/Work
  18. Procrastination Self-Direction, Critical Thinking
  19. Putting It All Together